Aarhus Case Competition

In a case competition, students compete in providing the best possible solution to a real life business case presented by a major company. This is exactly what Aarhus Case Competition (ACC) is about. The main focus is on academic and social aspects, as students compete against other students from various universities and educational programmes.

The mission of ACC is to prepare business students for a business career. ACC’s aim is to reduce the gap between the two worlds of academia and business and through case solving make students able to use theoretical knowledge to provide the best real life solution.

For three years in a row, ACC has hosted the largest case competition exclusively for Nordic business students. It is a large-scale case competition which provides students with the opportunity to experience the life of management consultants in a week of intense case solving combined with skill-providing workshops, company presentations and social events.

Nine teams consisting of three team members from the Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland compete in ACC.The three best teams will present their solutions to a jury consisting of CEOs, top executives and a large audience at the university. Finally, the best solution will be named as the winner of Aarhus Case Competition and awarded the prestigious prize.

The inspiring ACC week has a strong presence of exciting and challenging elements with regard to structuring, solving and presenting a problem. Through participation in ACC, you will benefit in several ways both in terms of improving your educational level as well as your chance to excel in your future career. ACC is an opportunity for students to utilise their creativity and academic skills and thereby also further developing their business skills.

Aarhus Case Competition 2017 will take place in week 13, and we can assure you that we will have planned an exhilarating and exceptional week. See you in week 13, 2017!