The Board

Frederik Jægergaard
Frederik JægergaardChairman of the Board
3rd semester
Anne-Sofie Frederiksen
Anne-Sofie FrederiksenVice Chairman of the Board
Cand. merc. Strategic Communication
1st semester
Abhishek Patil
Abhishek PatilBoard Member
5th semester
Simon Kvist Andreasen
Simon Kvist AndreasenBoard Member
MSc. Business Intelligence
3rd semester
Line Maria Skaarup
Line Maria SkaarupEmployee Representative
5th semester
Lasse Duerlund
Lasse DuerlundBoard Member
3rd semester
Casper Kunz Eriksen
Casper Kunz EriksenBoard Member
MSc. Finance and International Business
3rd semester

The board has the overall strategic responsibility of the organisation and its activities. This implies continuous development and adjustment of the organisational strategy to match the challenges that Studenterlauget faces, and even more importantly, to create and seize opportunities in the student environment. In this development, the board works in close collaboration with the management of Studenterlauget, who are responsible for the daily operations, and with other important stakeholders to make sure that all people affected are taken into account. Secondly, the board carries the overall financial responsibility. They approve the overall budgets, accounts and substantial investments, and at the end of each financial year, they are responsible for composing the annual report in close collaboration with the Managing Director. All board meetings are public, but for practical reasons, please notify us on your participation beforehand at [email protected]

HERE you can read the minutes from all board meetings the previous (board) years.