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Professional and academic events at Studenterlauget

At Studenterlauget, we believe that the best study environment is created not only through social events, but also through professional and academic events. Therefore, we take pride in creating the best possible academic events, initiatives and environment for the students at Aarhus BSS.

Studenterlauget is a non-profit student organisation at Aarhus BSS. With our more than 3500 members, 300 student employees throughout the year and annual turnover of 15 million DKK, we are also the biggest student organisation in Denmark. We are for students by students and this saying permeates all of our undertakings.

As our vision states, we seek to create Denmark’s best study environment at Aarhus BSS. Our professional and academic events are a big part of that vision.

Academic events with a professional focus

We have created two academic events, where practical and professional knowledge and output is specifically in focus. Both are case competitions, where large Danish companies bring real life cases in their search for talents of the future.

Aarhus Case Competition has grown to be the largest case competition in the Nordic countries, and top business students from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland participates every year. Aarhus Case Competition is created for students to experience intense case solving combined with skill-providing workshops, interesting company presentations and enjoyable social events.

Commcase Aarhus was created in 2016 for all communications-, media- and marketing students in Aarhus. As in Aarhus Case Competition, large Danish companies bring real life cases for the students to solve and in Commcase Aarhus, the cases revolves around communications, marketing or media problems and solutions.

Academic events with a social twist

Besides our academic events with a directly professional and practical focus, we have created several academic events with a social twist. These events are created to make your life as a student at Aarhus BSS more fun, cheaper, smarter and better. At these academic events, you can expand your knowledge and your professional network, but also help yourself to have an easier student life through discount deals, theoretical output and helpful advice.

At Student Life Fair, you’ll meet several Danish companies who are ready to tell you about several advantages and discounts for you as a student in Aarhus. The slogan of Student Life Fair is “Easy life for a nice price” and therefore this academic event is created to make your student life easier and less expensive – while giving you the opportunity to network with fellow students and different representatives from the companies involved.

At SL Events, you can get to know a lot more about different relevant topics. The topics can be anything from a course on stock exchange to tax return for dummies to a guide on healthy living. The goal for us is to enlighten you about issues in your everyday life and give you concrete tools on how to handle these.

At Brush-Up courses, you can “brush up” on basic mathematics and statistics as a new student. At this academic event, we give all new students at Aarhus BSS the opportunity to refresh their knowledge on these areas to making their academic start at Aarhus BSS easier and more comfortable.

You can stay updated on our professional and academic events and initiatives here on our website or on Studenterlaugets Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you at all of our events!

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