Become a Buddy

What is a Buddy?

A Buddy is a current bachelor or master student at Aarhus BSS, who wants to:

  • expand their international network
  • meet other students at BSS
  • help a Newcomer get the best possible start in Aarhus
  • participate in social events, competitions and parties
  • arrange social events with other students
  • get a fun volunteer job to put on their CV

What does it take to become a Buddy? 
A Buddy needs to be a proactive, engaged and helpful student at BSS. Other than this we are looking for students, that:

  • will be able to participate in the events
  • will be able to come to a Buddy Interview
  • will be able to come to our Buddy Introduction Day on May 27th
  • will be able to work together with other Buddies in a Buddy Teams

What are my assignments as a Buddy?
The Buddies need to help the Newcomers as much as possible. The assignments are therefore primarily:

  • Contacting Newcomers when getting their information
  • Picking them up at the train/bus station, if possible
  • Answering questions about BSS, Aarhus and Studenterlauget
  • Giving advice on e.g. shopping, transportation etc.
  • Arranging events during the fall semester with the Buddy Team

Your assignment WILL NOT be to help the Newcomers find accommodation.

Do I get any help?
Yes! You will not be alone with these responsibilities. You will always be able to contact your Coordinators and you will have a team of Buddies to help you!

Can I become an Introduction Week Master or Bachelor Rusinstruktor if I become a Buddy?
Yes! We have made sure that you easily can become both and not be swamped with events at the same time.

How long am I hired for? 
You are hired from May to November. The job will mainly take place from start-September to end-November. For your time and dedication, you will receive a diploma to display onto your CV.

I am still confused – what do I do?
You write to the Buddy Programme Coordinators at who are happy to answer all the questions might have!

How do I apply?  
You can find the job posting for becoming a Buddy in 2019 here: