Business Relations

Marketing at Studenterlauget 

SL Business Relations can help your company communicate and get your message across to approximately 10,000 quality-conscious students. The students constitute a unique target audience for businesses who are seeking a concentrated, goal-oriented way to communicate with young people from 18-30 years of age. Through a wide range of marketing opportunities, your company can achieve a high level of exposure in the student environment. The exposure can benefit your company both in relations to instant sales as well as employer branding.

Casper Juliussen
Casper JuliussenBusiness Relations Manager
+45 61 67 31 69
Specific inquiries related to “Den Gyldne Fugl” and General inquiries
Camilla Sørensen
Camilla SørensenMarketing Consultant
+45 31 32 69 39
Specific inquiries related to “Introduction Week & Master Case Challenge”
Mia Holm Andersen
Mia Holm AndersenMarketing Consultant
+45 31 18 36 43
Specific inquiries related to “Student Life Fair”
Mikkel Kirkskov
Mikkel KirkskovMarketing Consultant
+45 29 90 16 40
General inquiries
Janne Hoyer Schrøder
Janne Hoyer SchrøderMarketing Consultant
+45 21 71 83 39
General inquiries