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Highlighted cases


Solitwork is a great example on our flexibility and developing marketing opportunities at Studenterlauget. In cooperation with Solitwork, we have developed our award show “Den Gyldne Fugl”, where we have added “Årets Ildsjæl” as an extra award. Besides that, it was in cooperation with Solitwork that we started our Master Case Challenge in 2014.


Hereford wished to better positioned in the minds of the students in Aarhus. Therefore, they contacted Studenterlauget. After a thorough evaluation between Hereford and one of our consultants, we made a plan for the cooperation. Hereford had success integrating a good offer at SL Nice Price combining it with frame- and widescreen ads.


For several years, CA has strived to reach the students in their own surroundings. This has created a good and long-lasting cooperation between CA and Studenterlauget. Together, we have found the best possible way to secure that CA constantly gains new lifetime members.