Chili Security is an antivirus and Internet security provider and a
great choice if you want to be fully protected when browsing the Internet.
Chili Security offers two complementary solutions in one great deal called ‘Chili Care’.

For the price of only 89 DKK per month the first year, SL-members exclusively get the
award-winning ‘Chili Internet Security’ that protects your PC against unauthorized access as well as
protects your private information. Moreover you’ll get their attractive ‘Chili PC Help’.
The 7-days-a-week support will make sure that your computer is always fit for fight,
no matter which problems you may run into. This SL Nice Price gives you a 40% discount!

Chili Security ApS
Vindegade 72-74, 2.
DK-5000 Odense C
Phone: +45 70 60 50 41

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