Evermart.dk offers a variety of electronic consumer products for private households and companies. Evermart has a goal to sell products at the lowest possible price without comprimise on quality. As a result of this we don’t charge overprice for fancy brands and packaging – you only get what you need: a quality product at a low price. We know that students are very reliable on their electronics to work, but sometimes a cable, charger or an adapter break just before the exam periode. As it is much more fun to spend the SU in Klubben than on an expensive charger, we offer the following: – 10% Discount on all products below 500 DKK- – 20% on all cables and adapters for tablets, smartphones and computers. This discount does not apply to apple adapters, chargers etc.

Web: www.evermart.dk
Tlf: 71 99 91 92
Mail: support@evermart.dk

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