KöD is the new steakhouse in Aarhus where you can enjoy an extraordinary meal, including delicious wines and good service, in charming settings.
At KöD the concept is clear – you get quality steaks from the very best cuts available in Denmark, America and Uruguay, and you can combine the tender and juicy steaks with the restaurant’s tasty selection of side orders and sauces!

As a member of SL, KöD offers you the following menu for only 200 DKK:

KöD – Uruguay

Hereford – Kornfodret
Ribeye 300 g.
The steak is served with a medium-sized chiliefries Á La KöD and bearnaise sauce. KöD also offers a wide range of delicious drinks that you can enjoy after your dinner while listening to delightful tones of music. The staff at KöD will make sure that you have a great night out!

The offer is valid monday-thursday.

Skolegade 21
8000 Aarhuc C
38 41 60 50

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