LinusPro Nutrition is a new Danish manufacturer of nutritional supplements for fitness,
training, sports and weight loss. LinusPro Nutrition has a broad range of different products,
including protein powders, protein shakes, energy- and protein bars and much more.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or be more enduring LinusPro Nutrition
has the products for you. All the products are developed with the highest possible quality
in mind, which has lead to tasty and well performing products to boost your workout.

LinusPro Nutrition offers day-to-day delivery and free shipping on any order above 500 DKK
and as a member of Studenterlauget you’ll get a unique discount of 20% on all LinusPro Nutrition products.

LinusPro ApS
Norddigesvej 2
8240 Risskov
Tlf. 20 72 33 83

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