About the Buddy Programme

What is the Buddy Programme?

The programme seeks to give international students (Newcomers) the best possible start to their new life in Aarhus and at Aarhus BSS. How? By giving them a Buddy (a current BSS-student), making social events (like BBQ and Quiz-Night) and throwing a couple of parties (e.g. Pub crawl and Christmas dinner) during the fall semester. The programme runs from May to November and varies each year in participants, but is normally around 100-200 students in total.

What is a Buddy?
A Buddy is a current student at Aarhus BSS. A Buddy can be a former Newcomer or simply a student seeking a fun job with a lot of challenges and social events. Buddies will be given a diploma at the end of the programme to display their international interests on their CV. Each Buddy will receive approx. three Newcomers and will further be part of a Buddy Team.

What is a Newcomer?
A Newcomer is a new international full-degree student at Aarhus BSS. A Newcomer can come from all over the world and moving to a new country can be overwhelming, which is why the Buddy Programme wants to show Aarhus and BSS from its best sides. A Newcomer will receive one Buddy and be part of this Buddy’s Team.

What is a Buddy Team?
The programme divides the total number of participants into groups – or Buddy Teams. A Buddy Team consists of six Buddies and all of their Newcomers. The total number of students in each Buddy Team will therefore be approx. 24. There will be competitions, prizes and a lot of ‘hygge’ for each team, which makes the Buddy Teams one of the greatest things about the Buddy Programme.

What kind of events will be planned for 2017?
Half of the events in the programme are arranged by the Buddy Programme Coordinators, while the other half wil be arranged by the Buddy Teams. In 2017, the big events will be a BBQ-picnic, a Dinner and Quiz-night in Klubben, a Pubcrawl in Aarhus and a Christmas Dinner in Klubben. At the Christmas Dinner there will be prizes for Buddy of the Year (GHOST), Newcomer of the Year and Team of the Year.

What is the Legend of Oscar?
The Legend of Oscar is a myth in the Buddy Programme. Some say that the Buddy Programme was created by a student named Oscar, others say that the programme was inspired by an all-time great Buddy named Oscar. You can read more about who Oscar really was in the section, ‘The Legend of Oscar’.

I have questions – where can I find the answers?
You can go to our Buddy Numbers-page on this site or simply e-mail the Buddy Programme Coordinators at buddy@studenterlauget.dk