Become a Newcomer

What is a Newcomer?        

A Newcomer is a full-degree international student who will study a bachelor or master’s degree at Aarhus BSS. Newcomers come from other countries than Denmark and will have a lot of questions about life in Aarhus and Denmark.

Am I a Newcomer?      
If you are going to study a full bachelor or master at Aarhus BSS from the fall of 2017, then yes! You will receive information on how you can become a Newcomer in August.

What do I gain from the Buddy Programme? 
You will gain a lot of different things:

  • A Buddy who will help you get a great start in Aarhus
  • New friends from different study programs at Aarhus BSS
  • A way to get your questions answered
  • An opportunity to participate in fun social events and parties

Please note that neither the Buddy Programme Coordinators or your Buddy can help you find accommodation.

Hmm… can I get some answers already now?
Yes! Try to e-mail the Buddy Programme Coordinators at if you have questions about the programme. We will try to help you to our very best.