Registration for Commcase Aarhus

All communication/media/marketing students in Aarhus can attend Commcase Aarhus. You can apply for Commcase Aarhus in two ways:


Apply as a team

You have to make a team consisting of three students from any faculty relevant for the competition. In order to sign up, you have to send an application to before February 28th 2017.

The application can take the form of a written document (maximum 400 words) or a video presentation (maximum 3 minutes) and you decide on the content of the application, but we suggest a few guidelines:


  • Overall application describing the team’s competencies and the team’s motivation for participating in Commcase Aarhus
  • CV of each team member including education and experience
  • Team name
  • Name of each team member



Apply individually

You can apply individually by sending your resume along with a few lines about yourself to before February 28th 2017 and you will get the chance to get paired up with two others.