Intro Team Reports

The following page provides an overview of orders sold on the Intro Teams. Select either a single rushold or a summary total.

Who purchased what?

Overview of who purchased an SL membership, Intro Week ticket and Dinner tickets. This is to help you distribute the products. Products like Year Book will therefore not be on this list.

Study no
SL Membership 1 year
SL Membership 2 years
SL Membership 3 years
Intro Week
Intro Tour
Dinner Thursday
Dinner Friday
Dinner Ticket both days
Sandwich wednesday – Spicey Chicken
Sandwich wednesday – Ham & Cheese
Sandwich wednesday – Vegetarian
Sandwich wednesday – Chicken Bacon
Sandwich tuesday – Chicken Bacon
Sandwich tuesday – Spicey Chicken
Sandwich tuesday – Ham & Cheese
Sandwich tuesday – Vegetarian
Sandwich friday