About the Buddy Programme

What is a Buddy?

A Buddy is an Aarhus BSS student already familiar with the practical and social settings in Aarhus, who aims to ensure that you as an international degree student get off to a good start in Denmark. The Buddy will be assisting you in practical matters and take part in social events with you during your first semester at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences.

What can I expect from the Buddy Programme?

Before I arrive:

Before you arrive in Denmark you will be assigned with a Buddy. Your Buddy will then contact you before you arrive. He or she will be available to answer questions about Aarhus BSS and Denmark as well as to assist you in practical matters. However, we want to stress that it is your own responsibility to find accommodation, and that this task is NOT a part of the Buddy Programme. The most important task for the Buddy and the Buddy Teams is to welcome you socially through events and parties – in other words: to introduce you to the true Aarhus Experience.

When I arrive:

On the day of your arrival in Aarhus, your Buddy will be there to pick you up and accompany you to your accommodation.  He or she will help you get settled in and provide you with information on where to buy groceries, how the public transportation system works, how to get a Danish phone number, etc.

During my stay in Denmark:

Throughout your first semester at Aarhus BSS, your Buddy and your Buddy team will be available to answer any questions you might have. Furthermore, there will be social events and activities throughout the semester for everyone involved in the Buddy Programme. This is an excellent opportunity to become accustomed with the culture and gain an insight into the many opportunities that Aarhus holds.

What is a Buddy Team?

A Buddy Team is a group of 4-6 Buddies and the international degree students who they are responsible for. Through the Buddy Team you will have the opportunity to expand your international network from the very beginning. The Buddies in your team will arrange smaller social events for the team throughout the semester.