Apply as a Buddy!

Apply as a Buddy!

If you are an outgoing, social and positive person who would like to expand your international network and your network at School of Business and Social Science, you might just be what we are looking for in a future Buddy.

Being a Buddy is an exciting volunteer job with great events and interesting challenges where you can improve your language skills through interaction with Danish and international students. Your task is to help and answer questions about Aarhus BSS, Aarhus and Denmark, and practical things such as shopping, transportation etc. Furthermore, it allows you to participate in great social events planned by the coordinators.

If the above sounds like something you would like to be a part of, please read the job description and send your application to no later than May 9th 2016.


What do I gain from being a Buddy?

Being a Buddy gives you many valuable experiences. You get to practice your language skills, you gain insight into new cultures and lifestyles, and it can help you start or expand your international network. You will also develop personally throughout the course of the programme, and you get some volunteer work experience to put on your CV. Furthermore, you can make a difference for a fellow student – maybe you have been abroad yourself and had a good/bad experience due to the help/lack of a buddy? Finally, and most importantly: being a Buddy is fun!


How long will I be a Buddy for?

The programme runs from June until December. The time you need to invest will vary throughout the period, but it is not meant to take any considerable time away from your studies, student job, etc. The programme officially kicks off in August with the arrival of the international degree-seeking students. During the fall semester a number of events will be arranged, before the programme ends with a big final Christmas party in December. After this you have no further commitments as a Buddy – but of course you are free to keep in touch with the degree students.


How many degree students will be assigned to me?

You will automatically be assigned 1-3 degree students, depending on the number of new international degree students arriving. If it is necessary for us to assign three students to a Buddy, the Buddy will be consulted in advance.


Do I decide what nationality my degrees students have?

You do not get to decide exactly where your degree students come from, but when applying for the position as Buddy you can make us aware of your preferences. We will try to accommodate as many preferences as possible, but remember that the earlier you hand in your application the greater the chances are of your wish being granted.


Am I responsible for finding accommodation for my degree students?

No, you are NOT responsible for finding accommodation for your degree students. You are only responsible for being of assistance to the students when searching for accommodation, by referring them to websites, etc.


What am I supposed to do as a Buddy?

Throughout the programme you should be ready to answer questions from the degree students as well as help them out with unforeseen situations and problems.

• Before the degree student arrives:

Before your degree students arrive you are required to contact them by e-mail. We will supply you with the information that the e-mail should include. Some students will need your assistance with regards to finding accommodation, so you might need to help them with opening an account on or help them search through newspapers.

• Upon arrival:

On the day that the degree students arrive, you should be available to pick them up and escort them to their new home. You should also be prepared to give the students advice on practicalities (where to shop for groceries, transportation to school, etc.)

• After arrival:

Throughout the programme you will be the degree students’ contact person. But besides handling minor practical tasks you will also be invited to participate in social events such as sightseeing trips, parties, etc. Furthermore, each Buddy Team will be responsible for planning smaller events such as a local dinner, where you for example might introduce the degree students to traditional Danish food.

What kinds of things will the degree students need help with?

How to find a place to live (it is not your responsibility to find accommodation, but you can help)

How to get a cell phone

How to open a bank account

How to get a CPR number

How to get a bike (and how to ride it)

In case of emergency numbers (112, 118 etc.)

How does the bus system work

During the Buddy introduction meeting you will be provided with the answers to the most frequent asked questions, but please note that some questions might require that you do some research yourself.


I want to be an Introduction Week Instruktor (rusinstruktor). Can I still become a Buddy?

Yes! We coordinate the Buddy Programme with the Introduction Week schedule, allowing you space to fill both positions.


I’m an international student myself. Can I become a Buddy?

Yes! Being an international student at Aarhus BSS means you have faced some of the same challenges upon arriving in Denmark that the new ones will, and you would therefore be more than suitable for helping them settle in by becoming a Buddy.


What is a Buddy Team?

A Buddy Team is a group of 4-6 Buddies and their degrees students. You will get to meet the other Buddies in your Buddy Team during the Buddy introduction meeting. The Buddy Teams are established so as to give the degree students a chance to get in closer contact with other Danish students besides their assigned Buddy. The teams are also formed so that the Buddies have other Buddies to share knowledge and experiences with.


How many events are arranged during the semester?

There will be approximately 1-2 events per month and then it is up to the individual Buddy Teams to plan any additional events.


What do the Buddy Coordinators expect from the Buddies?

We expect that you, as a Buddy, are interested in and devoted to the job. It is important that you are willing to spend time answering questions and helping the degrees students. Furthermore, we expect you to participate in as many of the planned events as possible. It is a plus if you have been away on exchange, but it is not a prerequisite. The most important thing is that you are willing to do your best in order to give the degree students the best possible start in Aarhus.