The events for 2018 can be seen below.

Welcome Dinner and Quiz Night

The first event in 2018: Welcome Dinner

After a summer full of teambuilding events and get-togethers for the newly hired Buddies, the Newcomers will arrive in Aarhus in August and September. The 6th of September, the first event of The Buddy Programme 2018 will occur as a Welcome Dinner in Klubben.

Theme Party

The second event in 2018: Theme party in Klubben

The Second event will be a private theme party in Klubben the 12thof October and later during the evening, Klubben will open up for the rest of the students at Aarhus BSS to join. During the event, there will be prizes from Klubben and Bernhardt Nightclub.


The third event in 2018: Pub-crawl

After two get-to-know-each-other events, it is time to drink a beer or two. The 27th of October, The Buddy Programme is going on a Pub-crawl in Aarhus.

Christmas Dinner

The fourth event in 2018: Christmas Dinner

All good things must come to an end, but The Buddy Programme 2018 will end with a highly valued tradition: Christmas Dinner the 16th of November. Where there will be given awards to different Buddies and Newcomers.