At Solitwork, we are looking forward to becoming a part of your introduction week at your master program, and we hope to make it very special. During the last 4 years of Master Case Challenge, Solitwork has brought a case to relevant IT-master students, which has been a huge success in relation to getting the students closer to Solitwork and our daily work. This is why we once again bring along a fictional – but of course realistic case. The case will require a general business understanding and focus on Business Intelligence.

At Solitwork, we are specialists in developing business-oriented solutions to support central finance processes such as consolidation, sales, budgeting, logistics, etc. In addition, we make a virtue of getting closer to our customers and we are not afraid to challenge our clients in order to deliver the best possible solution. In making our tailored Business Intelligence solutions, we always provide a deeply specialized team comprised of our two types of specialists: Business Analysts and BI Developers. Our combination of competences and skills within both IT and Finance is what makes Solitwork outstanding in our area of business.

We are very interested in you as a student, which is why we work closely with Aarhus University and organizations around the university, so you have plenty of opportunities to meet us at various events such as CompanyDATING at Aarhus BSS. You can stay updated on our Facebook page regarding when we will be present at different events on Aarhus University.

You can read more about the different opportunities you have for becoming part of Solitwork at our career page, where you can find information about student jobs, internships, trainee program and master thesis collaboration. Information can be found here if you are looking to be part of our Business Analyst, Developer or Commercial team.

We cannot wait to get to know you, and hope that you will have a fantastic Master Introduction Week as well as an equally fantastic time of your study period. See you on Thursday the 30th of August!