Delivering the digital infrastructure of tomorrow 

TDC has brought people closer together for 140 years. We offer telecommunications, broadband, and TV solutions and services to Danish households, businesses, and public institutions. And owning more than half of the physical and digital communicative infrastructure in Denmark, we are, literally, a life nerve to Danish society.

TDC Group is currently undergoing a major transformation, in effect splitting the corporation into two legally and operationally independent companies : One company – Nuuday – accommodating our known brands (YouSee, TDC Business, Fullrate, Telmore, Blockbuster, Hiper, Netdesign etc.) and the other – TDC NetCo – dedicated to designing, building, and running the best broadband and mobile network in a world where data volumes, access, and speed is are pivotal.

The TDC NetCo position comes with a huge responsibility. In a digital age, digital infrastructure is critical infrastructure. And it lies with us to make sure that citizens, public institutions, and private companies can travel fast, reliably and safely on all the networks that we provide. 

Ignite your career at TDC NetCo and help us build the digital infrastructure of tomorrow

At TDC NetCo, we offer a broad range of opportunities for you to get to know yourself and life in TDC NetCo and how to make your mark on a better network:

Apart from hosting our own events and participating in Master Case Challenge and the like, we offer bachelor and master level 

  • thesis collaborations 
  • internships
  • junior assistant positions (studentermedjælper)

And, if you have recently graduated at master level, you can apply for a position in our one-year Graduate Programme.

The TDC NetCo case
With an average company seniority of 23 years, TDC NetCo is blessed with not only the brightest but also the most experienced professionals within network technology. Thus, it is imperative to the future of digital infrastructure in Denmark that we succeed in attracting young talent without jeopardizing our existing knowledge base. 

How do you envisage an internal communications campaign aiming to highlight, acknowledge, and celebrate practical experience as an employee quality in its own right?