Supplier to the most skilled craftsmen

STARK supplies the most skilled craftsmen in Denmark and Greenland. The quality-conscious craftsmen who are never afraid of challenging and developing the craftsmanship with strong traditions in their backs – and who solve each task with hard work and professional pride, whether it is large or small.

STARK’s most important task is to support the professional craftsman. We use our strength and size to support our customers’ business, making it easier and more efficient to be a craftsman. We share our knowledge and use our competencies to develop new products and services, and we speak the craftsman’s case.

It is said that crafts must be held assertive. We say that proud craft traditions must be developed and passed on.

Career opportunities

Being a part of STARK means that you thrive in an environment where you are expected to do your best. On the other hand, we offer completely unique career opportunities to develop personally as well as professionally. Here is a job as a manager just around the corner, maybe this is what you dream about?

We are always looking for new, talented employees who can contribute with new knowledge and experience, which can help to ensure that STARK continues to grow and develop. As a student assistant in STARK, we can provide you with a good start in a career-related job, where you get a lot of responsibility and get to test your professional skills. Let STARK become your stepping stone for a professional future.


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