Every Friday, we connote the student way of life!

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Klub.ling is the student bar in the heart of Nobelparken (building 1482, room 147), where students every Friday come together to connote the student way of life! Here, we add connotations to life as a student that goes beyond books, lectures and exams. In Klub.ling, we celebrate student life and make sure that it is about “hygge”, friendships and having fun as well!

The bar first opened its doors in the summer of 2013 and since has been the ideal place for fellow students to get together and to make new friendships across different study programmes.
Every Friday during the semester, Klub.ling hosts a Friday bar. The concept “Friday bar” leaves no room for misunderstandings: we are talking about E-V-E-R-Y single Friday, no exceptions. No confusion. Everyone is welcome. Entrance is free. After all, every week deserves a proper ending, right?

Klub.ling offers a wide choice of drinks and beverages from the bar at student-friendly prices. The bar also provides the full equipment for playing board games, flip cup, beer pong, foosball, table tennis and so on. Moreover, Klub.ling is filled with a smiling staff of students and a friendly, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with room for everyone. It is truly the perfect place to be on a Friday!

So grab your friends and fellow students and let us connote the student way of life together! We look forward to seeing you in Klub.ling!