Klubben – The best Friday bar in Denmark

Welcome to Klubben!

We are very pleased to inform you that as a student at Aarhus BSS, you are allowed to enter the coolest Friday bar on campus – both during the day and on Friday nights. Klubben is well-known throughout Denmark for being the place to party on Fridays, and everything you have heard is true. However, Klubben is not just a Friday bar on Friday nights. Klubben is also the place at Campus Fuglesangs Allé where students get together during the week in a relaxed and informal setting.

Everyday life in Klubben

In Klubben, you can relax and hang out in a cosy atmosphere, while enjoying a soda, a beer – or maybe you fancy a well-made café latte or cappuccino from our espresso machine? Klubben has about 200 seats for studying, and it is therefore also a well-chosen place to study in a more informal setting. Additionally, Klubben is a great place to make new friends, as it is also the place where you can have a break from a busy day at school. You can find many different games in Klubben, like pool, foosball, Bezzerwizzer, Trivial Pursuit and Backgammon.

Fridays in Klubben… The famous Friday bar!

On Fridays, Klubben expands its opening hours until 02.00 and hosts the Friday bar! The idea behind the concept is simple: the atmosphere is cosy and intimate – so you can chat and bond with your friends. Moreover, there are DJs playing awesome music and bartenders serving you beer, drinks and shots at low prices. In fact, a draught beer is only 20 DKK – or maybe you are in the mood to try the famous Klubben drink “Drop Dead Little Bird” (in Danish: “Lille fugl fald død om”)? Klubben offers a wide choice of beverages, and we strive to continuously provide you with the best products on the market at the low student friendly prices that we are known for.
Once a month, Klubben hosts a big party, which you definitely cannot miss out on! Here, the dance floor is packed, the DJ plays amazing party music, the bar has great offers and, furthermore, the party often has a fun and surprising theme.

Klubben hosts a wide range of events and parties, and each one is different! Altogether, Friday nights in Klubben are a great chance for you to take a break from the books and get together with your fellow students.

Special events in Klubben

In Klubben, we offer you an extensive range of special events, such as FIFA tournaments, several after parties, handball and Champions League matches on the big screen, bob tournaments, iPod Battles, Poker nights every second Thursday, Bingo Banko, October fest, after-skiing parties, live music, stand-up and so on. Nothing is too small or too big to be held in Klubben, and you are more than welcome to submit ideas for a new or improved event in Klubben.

In addition to all of this, student unions, the individual classes and Master’s graduates have the opportunity to book Klubben and the courtyard for their own private parties. For more information, please contact Klubben at klubben@studenterlauget.dk

Club Klub

Every year, we arrange the legendary Club Klub event. It is hosted by Klubben, but is typically held in the Assembly Hall (Fuglesangssalen), which is turned into a great concert venue with loads of sound, lights and live acts on stage perfect for an awesome night of partying and cosy socialising with your fellow students.
Club Klub’s hall-of-fame is already quite impressive: L.O.C., Suspekt, Nik & Jay, Alphabeat, Lukas Graham, Carpark North, Morten Breum, DJ SASH!, Barcode Brothers, Hampenberg, DJ Kato, Christian Brøns, Daze, Toybox, 666, Kjeld Tolstrup, Rune RK, LOC, USO, Scarlet Pleasure, LÅGSUS, Ministry of Sound, Dúné, Wafande & Kaka, Eggastunn, Who Made Who, Queen Machine, Shaka Loveless, Klumben & Raske Penge, Specktors, and Vengaboys – just to name a few.

Because Club Klub parties are usually sold out pretty fast, we advise you to get hold of a ticket as soon as possible and mark the date in your calendar with a big X.


At the end of each semester, we empty our supplies at ridiculously low prices and close down Klubben with nothing but a blast. Slatfest is a highly beloved tradition, and it is Studenterlauget’s and Klubben’s way to thank all students for the semester.


All bartenders, bouncers and DJs are students at Aarhus BSS, and they work very hard to make sure that you have a good time. We kindly ask you to keep that in mind when feelings run high.
As a new student, you are more than welcome to apply for any of the vacant job positions in Klubben, if you want to become part of our dedicated team!

Klubben is exclusively for the benefit of the students – as is the case of all other business units of Studenterlauget – so if you have any suggestions on how to improve things, please, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to meeting you in Klubben!

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 11.00 – 17.00

Friday: 11.00 – 02.00

Stay tuned on upcoming events on Klubbens Facebook page


Klubben - The best Friday bar in Denmark

Klubben: The best Friday bar in Denmark – and definitely the place to be on Friday nights as a student at Aarhus BSS