Events and projects created for YOU

Studenterlauget is responsible for a number of annual events and various projects such as Student Life Fair,  Buddy Programme, SL Skiing Trip, Commcase Aarhus, SL Events and Den Gyldne Fugl etc. The projects are always carried out in the spirit of Studenterlauget’s values of being open, dynamic, helpful and social, and we strive to create value for the students through the projects. Therefore, we have projects of very different characters – from entertaining, social events to projects of an academic character.

Should you have any comments or suggestions for improvements, e.g. on how students can gain even more from participating in the various projects, please contact the Project Manager. We would also like to hear from you, if you have any suggestions for new events or projects that could benefit the students.

Best regards,

Nanna Ring Damgaard
Project Manager
+45 41 27 70 00