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Commcase Aarhus is an initiative by Studenterlauget at Aarhus BSS seeking to bridge the gap and establish connections between communication students and companies by solving real-life cases and networking. The purpose of Commcase Aarhus is to provide students with new challenges through cases that demand creative and sustainable solutions, which the companies can implement and utilize in the future. Furthermore, Commcase Aarhus offers the opportunity for companies to discover and work with talented students who are ready for new challenges in the business world and who can provide a different point of view on relevant business issues.

Commcase Aarhus involves two cases – one introductory case and one final case. The winners are selected by a jury, and all participating teams get the chance to meet the partner companies.

Commcase Aarhus 2018 it yet to be announced!

Watch the video below from Commcase Aarhus to see what you can expect from Commcase Aarhus 2018.