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Events by Studenterlauget

Our goal at Studenterlauget is to be the best student organization in Aarhus! In order to create value for the members, Studenterlauget will be hosting three events each semester to make our members even smarter – both professionally and personally. The topics can be anything from a course on the stock exchange to the tax return for dummies to a guide on healthy living. The goal for us is to enlighten you about issues in your everyday life and give you concrete tools on how to handle these. We want to create events relevant for all students across study programs and interests. It is important for us to ensure social activities and academic success among the students.

The events are free and exclusively for members of Studenterlauget.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future events or guest speakers, please contact the event coordinator at

We hope you will support our initiative, and we are looking forward to many great events in the future.