Social study environment at Aarhus BSS

We take care of the social study environment at Aarhus BSS

Studenterlauget is a non-profit student organisation at Aarhus BSS. With our more than 3500 members, 300 student employees throughout the year and annual turnover of 15 million DKK, we are also the biggest student organization in Denmark. We are for students by students and this saying permeates all of our undertakings.

As our vision implies, we seek to create Denmark’s best and most social study environment at Aarhus BSS. Therefore, we focus on both professional and social events for all of our members.

We take pride in creating events where students at Aarhus BSS can get to know each other, have fun, expand their network and feel the #hygge and #slspirit that is necessary to get through the hard days of studying.

To name a few of our social actions, we have Den Gyldne Fugl, the Buddy Programme, SL Skiing Trip and Klubben.

Den Gyldne Fugl – celebrating social and academic initiatives at Aarhus BSS

Den Gyldne Fugl is the annual awardshow at Aarhus BSS and is created as a tribute to all of the initiatives, students and lectures at Aarhus BSS, who have contributed to the academic as well as the social environment. It will be a night full of glamour and outstanding entertainment.

Buddy Programme – improving the social study environment for international students

The Buddy Programme is a social initiative aiming to improve integration of international full-degree students and current Aarhus BSS students. Each international degree student is matched with a Buddy – a volunteer student. Through the semesters, there are several fun arrangements for all Buddies and international students.

SL Skiing Trip – Denmark’s largest student skiing trip

SL Skiing Trip is the annual skiing-event with more than 600 participants. Join the 2017-trip in Val Thorens to get the experience of a lifetime. The trip, taking place in week 5, is your opportunity to relax, have fun and party with friends and fellow students.

Klubben – The perfect Friday Bar to secure the social study environment

Besides social projects, we host the best Friday Bar in town. The Friday Bar, Klubben, dates more than 50 years back and is well-known throughout Denmark for being the place to party on Friday. In Klubben, you’ll find a cozy, informal atmosphere, where you can hang out with your friends, but also be able to join our larger parties, theme parties and Club Klub, where famous artists perform every year.

You can stay updated on our social initiatives here on our website or on Studenterlaugets or Klubbens Facebook pages.

Take part in the fun, the hygge, and the SL Spirit – We look forward to seeing you in Studenterlauget!

Studenterlauget - social study environment

Enjoy the social study environment at Aarhus BSS together with Studenterlauget