How to get the deal?

Adding “SLGodlyd” in the comments while purchasing our services at or sending us a message through our Facebook page “” will automatically give you the 20 % discount.

What you get!
As a member of Studenterlauget you can use SL Nice Price to get a 20 % discount while renting a SOUNDBOKS 3.

Who are we? is your solution to an otherwise quite night. We bring joy to your get-togethers, whether it is a wedding, a birthday party or just a single hang out with boys or girls by offering you the newest version of the popular music stereo, SOUNDBOKS 3. The SOUNDBOKS 3 gives you the sound YOU need, and even allows you to connect countless of even more SOUNDBOKS’s with one another, giving you the ultimate experience and night to remember. For more details, please visit our website