13, 14 & 15 September 2022


S-Building, Campus Fuglesangs Allé


A student fair with focus on getting the students an easy life for a nice price

What is Student Life Fair?

Every year in september, Studenterlauget is the host of a student fair that is intended to get students an easy life for a nice price. To do so, we have invited a number of companies which are all offering student relevant products or services. At the fair, you will be able to get discounts on products and services that will help make student life easier. In addition to this, you will also find entertaining activities and competitions with amazing prizes.

Whether you have just started your studies or are about to finish them, Student Life Fair is definitely worth a visit. So grab your classmates by the hand, and stop by the fair for the chance to make your lives just a little sweeter.

What to expect?

During Student Life Fair, you can enjoy a range of entertaining activities as well as the Student Life Fair Quiz with the opportunity to win great prizes.

Many partners offer special discounts and products during the fair, and give you a unique possibility to take advantage of what they have to offer you as a student. When arriving at the fair, we have prepared a fair magazine in which you will be able to gain an overview of all the different companies present at the fair and their offers.


Partners on the fair


The partners on the fair are carefully selected to ensure that they represent the most relevant and best deals that you need as a student. Listed below is the different partners and how they contribute to getting the students an easy life for a nice price.

Sellmer Diers

Are you considering becoming a sperm donor and helping others with life’s greatest gift? You can donate in an easy and flexible student job in the center of Aarhus when it suits your schedule. Send us your application at sædceller.dk or stop by to see us at the Student Life Fair where we’ll have more information, fun and games.

Barber Shoppen

Barbershoppen is a wonderful place where men can be men without having to deal with female hair products and gossip. We offer both shaving and haircut, and we always serve a cold beer or soda. Stop by our stall at Student Life Fair and get a free haircut.


Stop by CA’s stall at the Student Life Fair 2019 and learn how we can improve your studies in a way that fits your life. Participate in the contest at our stall and get the chance to win 5 x 2 movie tickets!

Lån & Spar

Lån&Spar is a bank of strong communities. We offer personal guidance and help you achieve your dreams. Stop by Lån & Spar at Student Life Fair to learn more about the best student account in Denmark and take part in our competition, maybe winning a giant chocolate.

Tandlægerne Tehrani Schmidt

Taking care of your teeth is a life long job. At Tandlægerne Tehrani Schmidt we want to help you make it affordable throughout your student time and beyond. 

We pride ourselves in giving you a superb service in relaxing surroundings and with a constant focus of assisting you in keeping your beautiful smile. 

Akademikernes a-kasse

As your unemployment insurance fund we offer startup, recruitment, courses, networking and workshops to help you doing your time as a student and afterwards


Djøf participates in this year’s Student Life Fair, where we are ready to talk about the many benefits of having a union. We can offer you a cheap student insurance, a gift card of DKK 500 for textbooks and a membership for DKK 0 for the first 12 months.

We look forward to seeing you!


SL Skiing Trip is the annually skiing trip for all students at Aarhus BSS with more than 400 participants. This year we are heading to Alpe d’Huez, France, where picnic, skiing, parties and ”hygge” is the keywords.


Maigaard Fertility Clinic is one of Demmark’s biggest clinics, helping more than 1 baby into the world every day. For some of the infertile couples, receiving eggs from an egg donor is the only way to complete the dream of having a baby. Visit Maigaard Fertility Clinic at Student Life Fair to learn more about becoming an egg donor.


Cryos international is a global sperm and egg bank helping people in over 100 countries. Drop by our stand to learn more about what it means to be a sperm donor. You can also get a sneak peak of the new virtual reality experience we offer our donors – and get to win your own VR headset.


Insurance, for the way you live today.” Hedvig is an insurance company that offers student insurances at a great price. We make it simple and easy for you to ask questions and get instant help.


Jobindex is Denmark’s largest job site. At our website you can find the most complete overview of job vacancies. Here you can find both full time jobs and student jobs during your time at university.


OK is an energy company that offers a wide range of services. We offer you everything from electricity and fuel oil to insurance and car wash.


”Developing companies. Growing students.”

We hire talented university students as Junior Consultants in student jobs at strong Danish companies.


Jyske Bank is one of Denmark’s largest banks. Our headquarters are located in Silkeborg – just 45 minutes from Aarhus. We offer you investments, pensions, loans and much more.


KarriereDagene is a very versatile job fair. This year the fair takes place in Aarhus on the 7 th of October in DGI-Huset. At the fair you can find inspiration and tools to get the best start in your career.


Frey makes the market for containerized agricultural commodities more efficient and creates opportunities by connecting a data-driven trading mindset to a world-class infrastructure and logistics expertise.


If you think Student Life Fair is something just for you, then contact our business relation department at br@studenterlauget.dk