Our Future


In collaboration with Aarhus University, Studenterlauget will create Denmark’s best study environment at Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences.


Studenterlauget is a student union run for students, by students in a close dialogue with Aarhus University. Our mission is to develop and facilitate the most value-creating study environment for our members, regardless of location. Through engagement and professionalism, we will provide academic and social activities of the highest quality.


To develop and facilitate the most value-creating study environment for our members, Studenterlauget will focus on creating the best foundation for the transition to Campus 2.0 while being more diverse and inclusive.


Since 1970, Studenterlauget’s activities and operations have run at Fuglsangsallé in Aarhus. However, as part of Aarhus University’s physical campus development, Studenterlauget is obliged to move its foundation and existence to the new Campus 2.0. The vision hereof is driven by increasing synergies across the university’s faculties contributing to frame an attractive working and study environment.

Studenterlauget would like to play an important role and take part in the creation of Campus 2.0. In regard to this, the strategic development of the university’s campuses is guided by ten principles of academic and social character. The principles which Studenterlauget aligns with include creating an international campus with a flexible study environment, the facilitation of non-university activities, and building bridges between the business community and local community.

Aarhus University’s Strategy 2025 focuses on internationalizing the educational environment. As the largest student organization at Aarhus University, Studenterlauget aims to accommodate this vision. Studenterlauget supports this vision by creating, facilitating, and developing an environment in which all of our members feel valued no matter their background. As a result, diversity and inclusion will continue to be a central focus of Studenterlauget’s overall strategy.

Over the years, the key initiative to address inclusiveness has been to spread ‘SL-spirit’ on campus which has developed into becoming the essence of Studenterlauget’s culture. To secure further inclusiveness, Studenterlauget aims to hire the most competent students to every open position regardless of background.

The following are the steps we wish to take with the 2025 Strategy. Primarily, in alignment with the transition and move to Campus 2.0, Studenterlauget aims to establish and develop a strong foundation allowing SL members to continue experiencing the best environment, both socially and academically. Furthermore, Studenterlauget aims to embrace the diverse background of its members, to maximize the value created.

Strategic Goals

By 2025, the three overall strategic goals defined by the Board are to be fulfilled. They are a part of  Studenterlauget’s mission to create the best study environment at Aarhus BSS. The strategic goals are to be supported by the annual strategies of the Management and Board. These are the milestones  required to reach the overall strategy.

1) Campus 2.0

To ensure that Studenterlauget continues to provide its members with the best possible study environment at Campus 2.0, Studenterlauget must begin securing a strong foundation over the years leading up to the transition, both externally and internally. Studenterlauget aims to strengthen the existing relationship with Aarhus University to ensure a smooth transition and establishment at Campus 2.0. This includes discussions and negotiations, including, but not limited to, financials, infrastructure, events, and employees. Additionally, Studenterlauget aims to address the years leading up to the transition by establishing a bottom-up approach stemming from its several divisions.


  • The Chairman, Managing Director, and Financial Manager must take lead on external communications with Aarhus University.
  • Reevaluating costs and revenues, and implementing scenario planning.
  • Divisions with physical operations must adapt their current operations, projects, and events to align with the infrastructure at Campus 2.0, or look for alternatives.
  • Divisions must reflect on new opportunities apart from existing operations, projects, and events.

2) Inclusiveness

The biggest asset of Studenterlauget is its members. Therefore, inclusiveness of all members is vitally important and this should continue to be one of Studenterlauget’s primary focuses. Hence, Studenterlauget aims to provide the best possible offerings and experiences to its members regardless of background. This can be achieved through increasing the amount of english-speaking events and improving existing projects. Additionally, this focus should also be drawn towards voluntary experiences and new benefits.


  • Improving existing English-speaking projects.
  • Benefits that add value for english-speaking members.

3) Value Creation

The foundation of Studenterlauget is to create value for its members. This should be reflected in every action taken by the Management and the Board. Furthermore, it is the most important task of Studenterlauget to keep taking initiatives towards new ways of creating value for all members.

To ensure a constant and value creating development of Studenterlauget, each division has to continue rethinking each event and action. This will ensure that Studenterlauget will stay as the preferred student organization at Aarhus BSS, regardless of unforeseen changes in the environment.


  • Does the member feel that the events and activities are relevant to them.
  • Members feel their membership is worth the money.
  • Make sure to actually include the members’ opinions and suggestions.
  • Renew the existing activities.


By achieving the strategic goals, Studenterlauget will secure a strong foundation for its presence at Campus 2.0 while continuing to be inclusive and creating value for its members.

Studenterlauget’s Board and Management will on an ongoing basis evaluate status quo. Decisions will be made with an aim to ensure a smooth transition process and to best align with the interests of the organization, its employees, and its members to experience the best possible environment at the new campus. 

Studenterlauget will continue to focus on inclusiveness towards its members in all aspects regardless of background. Studenterlauget will take steps that provide offerings that are attractive to many more of its members than ever before. Through this, Studenterlauget will create an environment that welcomes and accepts all, regardless of their backgrounds.

Studenterlauget will continue to place high focus on creating value for its members. Studenterlauget will focus on strengthening existing offerings, while also looking and developing new opportunities. This may include but is not limited to, an increased focus on opinions and feedback from members, pricing of offerings, and providing offerings that members relate to.