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Ice-cold beers and hygge!

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Klubben is the award-winning student bar at Campus Fuglesangs Allé, where students get together to party, study, hang out and make new friendships in a relaxed and informal setting. Klubben is your “home away from home” – the atmosphere is cosy, easy-going and fun and the community feeling is alive and kicking!

Everyday life in Klubben serves multiple purposes. We have around 200 seats for studying, free Wi-Fi, a large assortment of hot and cold drinks and chill background music, which makes it a perfect place to study in a relaxed environment. Depending on your preference, you can enjoy a deliciously foamy cappuccino, a soda or an ice-cold beer. Moreover, you can also take a well-deserved break from a busy day at school with one of our many games like pool, foosball, Bezzerwizzer, Trivial Pursuit and Backgammon.

Long Friday Bars

On Fridays, opening hours are expanded until 02.00, when we host “Long Friday Bars”. The idea behind the concept is similar to everyday life in Klubben: “hygge” is of prime importance and the atmosphere is intimate – so you can chat and bond with your friends, or maybe make new ones across classes and study programmes? Moreover, DJs or acoustic live acts are playing awesome music and bartenders serve you beer, drinks and shots at low prices. Make sure you try the famous Klubben drink “Drop Dead Little Bird” (in Danish: “Lille fugl fald død om”).

One Friday a month on average, we turn things up a notch. Here, Klubben is transformed into the raddest club in town – because we SURE know how to party. The dance floor is packed, our top DJs play the hottest party music and the bar has great offers. Often the party will have a fun theme as well.

We cannot wait to see you in Klubben!