Whistleblower System

Studenterlauget’s Whistleblower Policy

The purpose of Studenterlauget’s whistleblower system is to make it possible for the employees and possibly other persons to report on occurrences in Studenterlauget without fear of negative consequences. The purpose of the whistleblower system is thus to ensure openness and transparency in relation to any violations and serious misconduct.

Studenterlauget’s whistleblower system must be seen as a supplement to the direct and daily communication in the workplace about errors and unsatisfactory conditions, etc. The system also constitutes a supplement to existing opportunities, for example, contacting the nearest manager or HR.

Studenterlauget encourages the use of the whistleblower system so that any violations can be dealt with quickly and efficiently internally. However, the whistleblower is free to choose between submitting a report to the workplace’s whistleblower system or an external whistleblower system.