Welcome Master Students

Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University and Studenterlauget welcomes all new Master students

Welcome to The Master Introduction Week 2020! On this page, you will find the overall programme, important information and frequently asked questions.

The Master Introduction Week takes place in week 35 on Wednesday the 26th to Friday the 28th of August. The length of the Introduction Programme depends on whether you have prior affiliation with Aarhus BSS. See ‘Programme 2020’ in the menu to the left for more detailed information about the content of the programme and which days we recommend you to attend. To get the best possible start in your new study programme, we strongly advise you to attend all activities and to reserve the whole day of which you are attending.

Due to covid-19 it is extremely important that you do not attend any of the activities if you are showing any symptoms! This is to protect everyone around the Introduction Week including all students, staff etc. and is necessary in order give you the best possible start to your life at Aarhus BSS. We take precautions and will do our best to create a safe environment, but we also encourage all students to take care and not walk around on your own but be in the group you will be divided into and always listen to your Team Coordinators! They are your guides, friends, pilots and will take good care of you! Furthermore, they are really looking forward to meeting you!

Remember to bring your computer for the Master Case Challenge, your Student Identity Card and money (preferably debet or credit cards) since this event is cashless.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

We hope you will enjoy the Master Introduction Week 2020

Best regards,

Janet Thomsen & Morten Diego

Coordinators of Master Introduction Week 2020