Master Case Challenge

A big part of The Master Introduction Week is the yearly Master Case Challenge. During the Master Case Challenge, new master students will be invited to solve a real-life business case from  one of our seven partners. Each study program will be divided into smaller teams in which the  students can concentrate on a specific and study relevant case while competing against other  teams. The goal with the Master Case Challenge is to get an insight into the academic and  professional environment at Aarhus BSS, while also being a great opportunity for the individual to  get to know their fellow students. 

After the case-solving, our partners will select the best solutions during the evening and present  their finalists. These finalists will be asked to present their solutions for the companies the day  after. Later this day the winner of each case will be presented on stage by the respective  company. For the winners of all seven cases, a unique opportunity to network and gain deeper  insight to the seven partners will be granted. 

We are looking very much forward to the Master Case Challenge 2021 

Best regards, 

Julie Mortensen & Mikkel Munk Mølgaard 

Below you can see which case company each study program will be working on during the Master  Introduction Week. In the menu to the left you can see a brief presentation of the participating  companies. We proudly present this year’s partners for the Master Case Challenge 2021: 


Cand.merc. Strategic Communication 

Cand.merc. Commercial and Retail Management 

Solitwork IT, Kommunikation og Organisation 

Cand.merc. Business Intelligence Information Management 

Bain & Company

Cand.merc. International Economic Consulting 

Cand.merc. International Business 


Cand.merc. Marketing 

Cand.merc. Innovation Management, and Business Development

Cand.merc. Strategy, Organization and Leadership 


Cand.merc. Finance 

Cand.merc. Finance and International Business 




Implement Consulting Group 

Cand.merc. Operations and Supply Chain Analytics

Cand.merc. Management Accounting and Control