Implement Consulting Group is a Scandinavian based consultancy helping leading organisations succeed with their most critical change initiatives by unleashing human engagement to unlock business potential. 

Our 1.000+ employees, working out of offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany and USA are all committed to leaving organisations and their people in a truly better place – more changeable, more engaged and better equipped for creating a better future.

We define consulting as, in essence, helping. That’s what we do. We’re in the business of helping. And we count ourselves extraordinarily fortunate to work with major organisations, helping them solve their most critical challenges.Some of the things that define us as consultant are:

We are masters in what we do and work together with global thought leaders. We are able to cut through complexity and arrive at simple solutions.

Asking is more sophisticated than guessing. Any conversation, any change design, any complex problem is best solved collaboratively. We are curious about other people’s perspectives.

Real change is about real solutions, not just conceptual ones. We have to find a way to cut through the concepts and get specific. Get visual. Get clear.

The case that we will be bringing to Mastercase 2022, will give you, as a student, the chance to try out the life as a Consultant – working with a client to find causes for their pains and opportunities for the future. The case will be about Doordex, which is a large company headquartered in The Netherlands. It has a long history of production of doors. Its main customers are relatively large wholesalers in the construction industry. The company has been a successful company since its foundation. In fact, 5 years ago they declared an EBITDA of 10%. However, over these last years of growth of the company, the financial figures have unexpectedly worsened. While sales are strong and stable, the operational costs have increased. The CFO is concerned. She has asked you for help to evaluate their current costs and find alternative solutions to their footprint and processes that will reduce costs without impacting their services.

We look forward to spending a day with you and getting inspired by your solutions to the case.

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