Who we are

Implement Consulting Group is a Scandinavian-based consultancy. Our dream is to help people and organisations succeed with their most important change initiatives. To turn plans and ambitions into reality. To move forward, improve and create impact.

We are a bunch of curious nerds working in a wide range of industries, sectors and disciplines. With more than 1,400 employees across six countries, we offer our specialist expertise globally. What unites us is a huge belief in the power of collaboration and a love of problems.

We define consulting as, in essence, helping. That is what we do. We are in the business of helping. And we consider ourselves exceptionally fortunate to work with major organisations, helping them solve their most critical challenges. Our aim is to leave people and organisations that we work with in a truly better place. More motivated. Engaged. And ready to tackle the future ahead.

Being the best place for the best people

Working in Implement is quite exciting. If you think about management consulting, you might think suit and tie. Top-down. Years in the shadows before you get real responsibility. It might work for some. Not for us. ​

We are not traditional. You will find few rules and guidelines at Implement,  and that is on purpose. We trust that you can find your way. Make the call. Take responsibility. Implement is a playground for your talent to flourish. We want you to thrive and develop – personally and professionally – from the second you join us.

And we want to be the best there is. Quite simple. This calls for ambitious and passionate people. Someone willing to inspire, learn and grow. Always.

Do you want to bring your brilliance? Then have a look: https://implementconsultinggroup.com/join-us/