JYSK – A global retail business

JYSK is an international retail company offering a wide range of products for your home. It all started in 1979, when Lars Larsen opened the first store in Aarhus with a mission to offer the customers quality for low prices. Since then, JYSK has been on a constant journey of expanding the business, and every year about 100 new JYSK stores are opened around the world. Today, JYSK operates in 52 countries.

Although JYSK has turned into a global business with approximately 23.000 employees, the company is managed based on its Scandinavian roots. This is reflected in our company culture and the way we do business. At JYSK every employee has the right and duty to speak up, and ideas are always listened to regardless of the position.

Bring dedication – meet possibilities

At JYSK we are constantly looking for dedicated employees who poses drive and is motivated to take on responsibility. Our Head Office is located in Brabrand in Aarhus, just a few kilometers from where the very first store is located. From here you can start your career within IT, sales, purchasing, marketing, e-business, communications, logistics, business development and many other departments. Staff development and satisfaction is in focus, and we are always ready to give our employees new challenges – even if it means changing department. The possibilities are many. If you want to have influence on your job, work cross-cultural and be challenged from day one, we need you as part of our great team.

When you grow, we grow

We are constantly focusing on giving all employees a thorough introduction and improving our employees’ skills by offering them relevant trainings. Therefore, we also offer you the opportunity to kick-start your career as a graduate at JYSK. The duration of our Graduate Programme is 12-24 months, where you will have a customised, personal programme, which will ensure that you get all the competences and tools you need to fulfill the job. As graduate you will get to work cross-organisational, which will broaden your view of the JYSK core business and enable you to form relations across the organisation. Learn more about our Graduate Programmes.

If you would like to get to know JYSK and what it means to be a part of our team, we offer Internships, where you get the chance to be challenged during a period of 4 to 6 months – and if you bring dedication, it may lead to a job after graduation.

The Master Case Challenge offers you a great opportunity to gain insight into our business and discover some of the exciting opportunities at JYSK. Our representative’s look forward meeting you and learn more about your solutions.