18th November


S-Building, Campus Fuglesangs Allé


13 Academic and social awards, 500 participants and one unforgettable night

What is Den Gyldne Fugl?

Den Gyldne Fugl is an extraordinary award show that is being held every year at Aarhus BSS. Its purpose is to celebrate both students and teachers, who have all achieved remarkable results during the past year. Common for all the nominees in our 14 different categories is that they contribute to enhancing the academic and social environment at Aarhus BSS. With dressed up students, a red carpet at the entry and live acts during the night, Den Gyldne Fugl is like any other award show as seen in television!

Besides from the entertaining and surprising acts during the night, delicious food and drinks will be served. After having celebrated the winners in all 14 categories, it all ends with a smashing party at our very own Klubben. 

In the weeks until the show, you
are able to nominate your fellow students and teachers, who you believe deserve some extra acknowledgment and appreciation for their contribution to the environment at Aarhus BSS.

What to expect?

The evening will start off with an appetizer in our lounge area, and here you will have the opportunity to immortalize the evening with a picture in front of our picture wall. Our entertaining compère will guide your through the night, creating the optimal atmosphere for celebration, admiration and laughter.

One by one, the students, teachers and initiatives that have contributed the most to the social and academic environment at Aarhus BSS will be honored and handed their awards. Last but not least, a secret act will end of the night with a spectacular performance, inviting everyone to dance and celebrate.

The specific programme will be uploaded as soon as possible.

NB. The show will be held in Danish.




Årets Bachelor og Årets Master studerende bliver præsenteret i samarbejde med EY.

Poul Schmith/ Kammeradvokaten

Årets erhvervsjurastuderende bliver præsenteret i samarbejde med Kammeradvokaten.

Capgemini Invent

Årets forelæser bliver præsenteret af Capgemini Invent.


Årets kommunikationsstuderende bliver præsenteret i samarbejde med Publico.


Årets forening bliver præsenteret i samarbejde med OK.


Årets holdunderviser bliver præsenteret i samarbejde med COMRE

Jyske Bank

Årets ildsjæl bliver præsenteret i samarbejde med Jyske Bank.


Årets IT-værdiskaber bliver præsenteret i samarbejde med Inspari.


Årets iværksætter bliver præsenteret i samarbejde med Akademikernes a-kasse.


Årets medstuderende bliver præsenteret i samarbejde med CA A-Kasse.

Cryos International

Årets mandelige udstråling bliver præsenteret af Cryos International


Årets kvindelige udstråling bliver præsenteret i samarbejde med PwC.


For any further information please contact dgf@studenterlauget.dk