Master Introduction Week 2023

Master Introduction Week 2023

Making the transition from a Bachelor student to a Master student can cause some frustration. It is a new way of studying, new fellow students, and, for some, even new surroundings. In other words, it can prove difficult to find a way to become a fully established Master student. To help you overcome most of these initial difficulties, Studenterlauget presents the Master Introduction Week 2023.

In order to ensure a comfortable transition to your new life as a Master student, Studenterlauget invites all new Master students to participate in the Master Introduction Week, where 6 coordinators and 44 Master Instructors cooperate closely with faculty staff and other employees to give you the best possible start to your Master programme.

The following Master programmes are a part of the Master Introduction Week organized by Studenterlauget: (ITKO)



Erhvervsøkonomi – Business Psychology

Cand.soc. Erhvervsøkonomi, cand.soc.

Msc Strategic Communication

Msc Commercial and Retail Management

Msc Business Intelligence

Msc B2B Marketing and Purchasing

MSc Finance

MSc Finance & International Business

MSc Information Management

MSc Innovation Management and Business Development

MSc International Business

MSc International Economic Consulting

MSc Operations and Supply Chain Analytics

MSc Management Accounting and Controlling

MSc Marketing

MSc Strategy, Organisation and Leadership 

The Master Introduction Week takes place in week 35. The length of the introduction programme depends on whether you have a prior affiliation with Aarhus BSS.

At the beginning of the week, students who are new to Aarhus BSS will receive information from all relevant bodies on campus as well as an introduction to the faculty and the city of Aarhus. At the end of the week, all new Master students will be given the opportunity to get to know each other within and across the individual Master programs. In addition, the programme coordinators, student unions and former and current students will introduce you to the special characteristics of your respective line of study.

As the Master Introduction Week offers a wide range of activities, we encourage everyone to reserve the whole day and evening Thursday and Friday.

Do not miss this great opportunity to get fully established as a Master student, academically as well as socially. We see it as a vital part of getting a good start to your new study programme.

For a more detailed programme for the Master Introduction Week 2023, please see the menu to the left.

Best regards,

Charlotte Sandberg Jensen & Rasmus Bundgaard
Coordinators of Master Introduction Week 2022